Location: Episkopi

Camp:Episkopi Garrison

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This is the fourth location of Episkopi Primary.

The entrance to the new school.

Enjoy this virtual tour of the school.

This new school was built in the playground area of the 1974 location.......see below.

An aerial view of St John's School. The area marked in red became Episkopi Primary School after the events of 1974.
The partially completed secondary school  (upper left hand side of the image) would be too large for requirements and the planned administrative section became Episkopi Primary School.
The large number of Twynham huts of the old St John's school were then removed.

Two views of Episkopi Primary in the former administration block of St John's.

In 1982, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the school Malcolm Brooke was able to fly over the school in a Wessex helicopter. The above images are in reverse order, when the helicopter made an agreed manoeuvre the children moved out from their figure 25 to spread out across the playground. The rather 'loose' full stop is the teaching and local staff!
This was in the days when such things were possible.


Prior to 1974, the school occupied a number Twynham huts........indicated.

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The school staff in the playground of Episkopi Primary in 1973. Headteacher Clive Birch is rear centre with DHT, Doug Lamb to the left. Tim Usher is left again which leaves a youthful 23 year old Malcolm Brooke. These buildings are now used by the Episkopi Creche.

This is the first location of the Primary School in the area now overbuilt by the Lionheart Estate.

In 1982, the location was identified for the 25th anniversary of the school and the long serving school secretary, Vivienne Georgiou, is standing where her office used to be.
The school then moved to the location near to the centre of Episkopi Camp.