The Association

Eagle-eyed readers will note that we use BFES-SCE Association and BFES-SCEA Association interchangeably.  In our constitution, it is BFES-SCEA.  BFES & SCEA had both disappeared by the end of 1996.  From 1996 to 2012, the managing 'Agency' was Service Children's Education (SCE), which was then replaced by MoD Schools.

Purpose and Membership of the Association

About the Association:

BFES/SCEA Association aims to provide the means for those connected to BFES, SCS(NWE), SCEA and SCE, both past and present to meet and maintain the friendship of the service. It also aims to spread information about the Association and its activities. To meet these aims there are:

  • Regular newsletters for members of the Association;

  • A website containing archive material related to Service Children’s Education as well as containing Association news and information;

  • A Facebook page where members can share memories and leave messages;

  • Events planned so members can meet together.

In addition, the Association is active in helping to build permanent Archives to preserve information about Services Education. The Archives are held at the London Institute of Education (IOE) and information about the archives and some historic material can be accessed through their website.  School log-books (where they have been found) are stored at Chelsea Army Museum.  

The Association is steered by a Committee who report annually to the body of members at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually combined with a Reunion event.

Becoming a Member:

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 with an association with or a family connection to Service Schools.
Just complete the online application or post the paper based form to the Membership Secretary. 

There is a £15 annual membership fee (payable on 1st January each year).

The Association's Constitution:

The constitution was revised following the AGM in November 2021.

Click to download the latest version.