The Update Log

April 26th 2022
Many new contributions have been received. The Association is very grateful to all the contributors.
There are too many to mention individually but please browse the schools you know or are interested in.

4th January 2022
A "new" primary school in Germany has been identified.......Hubbelrath.

3rd January 2022
Courtesy of Steve Green, a lot of information about Hamm schools has been recorded.

1st January 2022
A lot of schools located from the days in Malaysia.

23rd December 2022
Alexandra Primary School in Dortmund has been added to the list.

18th December 2021:
A big update on Singapore schools thanks to information from Tom O'Brien.

20th October 2021:
A new world map view of schools has been added. Only schools whose locations have been confirmed are displayed.

12th October 2021:
Following an appeal via Facebook we have updated the locations of a number of schools and were sent one school that was missing (Sümmern Primary).

22nd August 2021:
Tigne School updated, thanks to Trevor Moorcroft for photographs.

7th August 2021:
A lengthy response from John Lord has added a significant amount of new information and corrected a number of errors.

25th July 2021:
The new BFES-SCE website is launched.
Members are encouraged to explore the site, especially the Locations.
We have entered the basic details of almost 200 locations throughout the world.
Some are possibly duplicates as they were known by name or location.
All additions and corrections are the Webmaster.