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This page displays videos that are not related to a particular school or setting.

School is Everywhere:
The original reel-to-reel version of this promotional film, showing the life and work of teachers and administrators with the British Families’ Education Service, is housed at the National Film Archive. A DVD version may be obtained from the Association’s Archivist at a cost of £5. All proceeds go the BFES/SCE Association’s funds. The above video is a short 2 minute collection of clips from the original 20 minute reel to reel film.

People working in Berlin had to travel by air, use the miltary train or drive along a motorway corridor through East Germany.
Before being allowed to use this route, first time travellers had to watch this RMP video.

The final parade of Lemgo Primary's parent unit, the Royal Irish Rangers, in May 1993.

BFG......Long Goodbye Almost Over.

Service Children's Education celebrates 60 years in Germany.

What happened to RAF Brüggen?