Drawdown Time


The opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the reunification of Germany which followed meant that the rational for large numbers of British Forces being maintained in Germany was re-examined.  In the following years, many former Warsaw Pact countries became NATO allies.  A long and gradual reduction of troop numbers and bases followed.  

The abandoned SCS(NWE) school in Lemgo

Osnabruck closed in 2006 and JHQ/Rheindahlen in 2013.  British Forces Germany's final garrison (Paderborn, Bielefeld, Gutersloh) closed in 2016.  However, two MoD primary schools remain in Germany in 2021:  Attenborough School serves families based on Normandy Barracks and Sennelager Ranges, while St David's serves the mainly RAF community stationed at USAF Ramstein.