Downloading Files

There are number of website browsers in use (Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc) and each can behave in a different way when asked to download a file.

A browser may download the file without you realising...........some give more details of the process than others.

Some browsers may not download the file but open it within the browser. If this happens to you then you either need to save/print the file from the broswer or follow the procedure shown below. A test link has been set up to download a PDF file.

Right click on the download link or icon.

In the menu that appears, choose 'Save Link As".
Note: This is part of the Firefox right click menu.

Save the file to the desired location..........somewhere where you can easily find it.

Note that the right click menu is slightly different for different browsers.

The above is part of Edge's right click menu.

Some browser versions might say "Save Target As".

The principle is however, the same.