Obituary: Brian Birkby

14th August 2020

Brian was Area Education Officer for Western Region, based in JHQ.

Brian had not been well for quite a long time, suffering from Parkinson's disease and had been in a home for the past year or so; not an experience he enjoyed.
He is survived by his son is James; his wife Polly died two years ago. 

Walter Lewis (our archivist) remembers Brian well from interviews when applying for headships in the 1980s. Walter recalls that among Brian's contemporaries in BFES HQ were Nolan Clamp, Ian Duncan, Peter Gaskell, Oswin Hall and Stuart Gill.

Brian was a genuine believer in the values of the old BFES and was seen as a very supportive AEO. 

Walter recalls a lovely quiet sense of humour and an understanding of the pressures on his teachers and heads.

He loved France and initially retired there.

Other members may have more memories to add to the web-site - please let Walter or Mike Chislett know.

Brian’s funeral took place at Settle Parish Church and cemetery.