Latest entries

  • Tessa Kiely

    June 2024

    We have received news of the death of Tessa Kiely.  

  • Danny Davies

    Danny Davies died in May 2022 after a long illness, but had not previously been mentioned in 'Tourex'.

  • Mike Back

    Mike served as the Headteacher of Gloucester School, Hohne from 1973 to 1982. He was a victim of the 50+ rule which meant that when he returned to the UK in 1982 he faced unemployment, being supported by wife Jan’s work as a nurse.

  • Dooreen Ballanyne

    August 2021

    Doreen passed away in August 2021 in Newton Stewart, Scotland where she had retired to after returning from service as Headteacher of  SCS Wolfenbuttel Primary School, Germany and Suffolk School in Minden. 

  • William Batten

    17th November 2020

    Bill died in November 2020 after a very long illness. He was a very talented, pleasant and warm man who joined SCEA in 1970 when he started in Naples.

  • Christopher Bell

    25th November 2021

    Chris Bell passed away in Boston, Lincolnshire at the end of November 2021. He was the DHT at Shackleton Primary in Fallingbostel between 1984 & 1989.

  • Peter Bentley

    March 2020

    Peter Bentley was headteacher of Krefeld School in 1980s.

  • Brian Birkby

    14th August 2020

    Brian was Area Education Officer for Western Region, based in JHQ.

  • Kay Birtwhistle

    January 2024

     Kay Birtwhistle taught at St Andrew’s in Hong Kong and after returning to UK in 1974. She went to live in Stockholm after marrying a Swede and taught there in a British school. She sadly died of asbestosis.

  • Gordon Bland


    Gordon taught in Margival in France; Maastricht (AFCENT), Berlin and Bielefeld.

  • Pam Bonner

    29th November 2022

    It is with much sadness that the association has heard of the death of Pam Bonner, on November 18th, after a long illness.

  • Steve Bridgewater

    17th October 2023

    We have received news that Steve Bridgewater, who taught for many years in MoD Schools in Brunei and Germany has died after a serious illness.  Steve's funeral will take place on Thursday 26th October 2023, in Stockport.

  • Doreen Brown

    April 2023

    Doreen Brown taught in Hong Kong and died in April 2023.