How to send information

"Locations" is the living heart of the website and we welcome all contributions - either photographs or stories.

If you are unable to use image editing software then simply send the image 'as is' and the Webmasters will do what is required for you.
However, if you are familiar with editing software then please do the following:

  • Straighten as required (and reduce any 'keystone effect' if your software allows this)
  • Remove any unnecessary borders
  • Enhance the image using software tools (or tweak the brightness/contrast)
  • Size to 600 pixels in width
  • Maximum resolution required is 96dpi
  • Choose a suitable name that includes the location name and year - no spaces in the title please.

We are also happy to deal with any pictures sent to the Association by post.

However your pictures are sent, please provide clear details about the image - who/what/where/when?

Text contributions can be sent as attachments using any word processing format.

The Webmaster email details can be found here.