Location: Amman

Camp:RAF Amman

The pin simply points to the approximate location of South Hill.

The RAF assisted Jordon to create its own air force. By 1958 the Royal Jordanian Air Force had taken control of the airfields in the country and the RAF personnel and families departed.

The image is titled......"distant view of the Amir's palace & the RAF camp from South Hill".

Living conditions for the staff were very poor:

June 1953
Three cases of Anterior Poliomyelitis were diagnosed during the month of June.
A British school teacher from RAF Amman was flown from RAF Mafraq on 10th June.
Placed on 'Seriously Ill list and transferred to 'Dangerously Ill' list on the same day.
She died on 13th June and was buried at RAF Habbaniya."
(RAF Mafraq was a desert airfield between Amman & Iraq and, like Amman, it came under RAF Iraq Command at Habbaniya)

Dr Christopher Morris has been examining the Air Headquarters Iraq files at the National Archives in AIR 24/226.
He reports that the school at RAF Amman was closed because of polio.
Other relevant findings are..........
6th July 1954.......Miss D Miller a UK based teacher at Amman Children’s school left by air on B.E.A. on inter-tour leave in UK.
8th July 1954.......Mr Johnston. Headmaster RAF childrens school Amman left by air on inter-tour leave in the UK together with his family.
1st October 1954......Mr B Johnston, Headmaster of RAF Children’s school Amman gave notice of resignation as head teacher.
4-11th October 1954........RAF Children’s school Amman closed owing to outbreak of scarlet fever.

The Association thanks Dr Morris for his research.