Location: Ayios Nikolaos

Name:Ayios Nikolaos
Town:Ayios Nikolaos

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Ayios Nikolaos is a primary school in the NE of Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area (SBA), where it serves the families of Ayios Nikolaos Station. 


The school buildings were mainly rebuilt over several phases in the 21st century.  It remains open in 2021. 

Sarah Baillie, headteacher of Ayios Nikolaos Primary School has written to update us on changes to primary schooling in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area (ESBA).  Both Ayios Nikolaos and Dhekelia Primary Schools will close in December 2022 and the children from ESBA families will attend Queen Berengaria School (QBS) which will open in January 2023. QBS is due to be completed at the end of September and then be fitted out ready to welcome families from the start of the spring term 2023. This is part of Project Apollo, so the new school will be seismically compliant.  Project Apollo is a nine-year rebuild of MoD homes and schools in Cyprus.  

Ayios Nikolaos will hold a special open day and party for both current and ex pupils and staff – Friday 11th of November 2022.  The school will be advertising this on as many different platforms as possible, in due course.  Sarah has written to us to say that ex pupils & former staff, including HQ staff, are welcome and ask that people email her in any photos or memories of their time at the school.   Sarah would like to show the history of the school through the decades.  If folk are unable to come out to Cyprus on the weekend of 11th November then Sarah would be delighted if they wish to send her messages/video clips etc which can be displayed for others who are able to come.

Sarah's email is ayn.head@modschools.org

The school staff photographed in 1997.